Libertel Hotels Paris

The Libertel Group was founded 10 years ago and now has five stylish hotels in the centre of Paris.

All five Libertel hotels are located just a few minutes away from mainline railway stations and have excellent public transport links. The hotels are in prime locations, close to the city’s tourist attractions, business districts and best shopping areas.

We place the focus on guest well-being and guarantee a truly pleasant stay. Great care was taken when designing the bedrooms, which were completely redesigned by an interior designer.

They have a contemporary elegant ambience. The rooms have been designed to be cosy meticulously designed cocoons that are both comfortable and functional, with made-to-measure furniture, soft colours sometimes punctuated by warmer hues, and clever layouts to optimize the space.

While the same spirit was applied to the renovation of the five Libertel hotels, each of them has a unique atmosphere and character. One offers amazing views over Paris; another has rooms in a charming townhouse, while another has balconies and garden rooms. Simply choose what most appeals to you!

Our teams are focused on welcoming guests and are keen to make their stays in Paris even more pleasant. They offer a warm welcome and will be supportive throughout your stay so that you leave with pleasant memories of your stay in Libertel Hotels.



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